• Huber+Suhner
  • Monteret med LC pigtails og adaptorer
  • Dobbelt modul
  • MM eller SM
  • Op til 24 splidsninger
  • Indbygget routing af fiberen
  • Ind og ud fiber er separeret i hvert sit område
  • Indbygget kabel aflastning for 2, 3 og 5 mm kabler samt miniflex 5 mm
  • Låg med fiber identifikation / opmærkning
  • Leveres monteret
  • Incl. splidsesøm
  • Vælg

Normalt lagervare

Key features splicing modules

Clear routing and separation of incomingand outgoing fibers

  • The IANOS splicing module incorporates two independent storage areas
    which keep incoming and outgoing fibers separate from each other. This
    feature simplifies the splicing process and reduces the time required for
    installation and servicing.

Fast and secure cable fixation

  • The IANOS splicing module allows users to fix cables simply by clamping
    the outer jacket of the cable. This innovative feature eliminates the need for
    cable ties or other wrap-around ties that can cause damage to the cable.
    Additional kevlar fixation is available inside the module to provide additional
    strain relief and security. The IANOS module is designed for Optipack
    cable systems with a diameter of 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm. Protective conduit
    can also be fixed to the rear of the module if required.

Up to 24 heat-shrink splices per module

  • As data rates increase in a data center, the distance over which you can
    transmit data is reduced significantly. Furthermore, the total optical loss
    budget also comes down at higher data rates. To compensate this effect,
    operators need to deploy super low-loss components in all areas of the link
    so that flexibility can be maintained without compromising performance



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