IANOS 19" Chassis

Fåes i 3 forskellige udgaver:

  • IANOS Lite - Simpelt chassis
  • IANOS HD - Kompakt chassis med udtræk for nem tilgang
  • IANOS Zero space - Monteres på siden af 19" profilen

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Model/varenr.: 85086220

H+S IANOS Lite chassis

  • 19"
  • 1U
  • Konnektor kapacitet: 48 x LC Duplex / MTP
  • Modul kapacitet: Op til 8 single / 4 dobbelt / eller mix af disse
  • Indbygningsdybde: 200 mm
  • Frontdybde: 105 mm 
Model/varenr.: 85069469

H+S IANOS HD chassis

  • 19"
  • Vælg mellem 1U eller 4U
  • Konnektor kapacitet: 72 x LC Duplex / MTP pr. 1U
  • Modul kapacitet: Op til 12 single / 6 dobbelt / eller mix af disse pr. 1U
  • Indbygningsdybde: 260 mm
  • Frontdybde: 65 mm 
Model/varenr.: 85069471

H+S IANOS zero space chassis

  • Montering på siden af 19" profilen
  • 0U
  • Konnektor kapacitet: 36 x LC Duplex / MTP
  • Modul kapacitet: Op til 6 single / 3 dobbelt / eller mix af disse
  • Indbygningsdybde: 220 mm
  • Frontdybde: 65 mm
Model/varenr.: 85069473

H+S IANOS Kabel manager bagplade

  • Vælg mellem 1U og 4U
  • D: 260 mm
  • Ventileret for optimal luft gennemstrømning
  • Split design for redundant kabling
  • Integrerede kabel fikserings punkter
  • Nem og enkel at montere

Key features IANOS 19" lite chassis

Quick and easy access to patch cords

  • The IANOS lite chassis is designed to provide easy handling and a fast and
    complete access to the connectors. The unique design also allows installers
    easy access from the back and the front of the IANOS lite chassis when
    installing fibers. Cable guides allow an easy and safe handling and routing
    of the patch cords on both sides.

No disruping of live patch cords

  • The fixed tray design provides highly secure connections with no disruption to
    pre-installed patch cords and modules. The simple design of the chassis and
    extra space between the modules allows the addition or removal of patch
    cords even when other connections are live. This in turn reduces the risk of
    downtime and additional damage to the patch cords.

Fast MAC's

  • Because the modules do not need to be pulled out during patching, a fast
    and straightforward patching is possible. The integrated cable management
    system enables easy, quick and scalable cabling throughout the lifecycle of
    the product


Key features IANOS HD chassis

Clearer and faster identification

  • The IANOS chassis is fully loaded with numerous identification areas for clearer
    and faster traceability. Doors can be labelled for identification or to show redundant
    feeds. Patching rows, module positions and of course port positions are all
    clearly marked on the product itself. There is even a slide out label in the center
    of the chassis for additional information.

Quick and easy access to patch cords

  • Because the IANOS chassis is constructed with three sliding trays on the left
    and right hand side of the chassis, access to connectors is fast and easy.
    Each tray can be slid out independently so that there is minimum disruption to
    pre-installed cords.

Split design for improved cable separation

  • Standardisation bodies such as TIA and IEC, recommend that redundant cable
    paths are created in the data center. The IANOS system facilitates this by
    completely separating cables entering or exiting the chassis. The benefit of this
    is zero disruption to redundant paths and much clearer identification of live/
    redundant traffic.



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