IANOS Moduler

Vælg mellem følgende:

  • Splidse moduler - monteret med LC pigtails
  • Patch moduler - monteret med LC eller MTP adaptorer
  • Transitions moduler - MTP til LC
  • Konverterings moduler - MTP X til MTP Y
  • Preterminerede moduler - LC modul til LC Fan out, med x meter kabel


Key features

Colour-coded MTP adapters

  • A unique feature of the IANOS patching module is colour coded adapters by
    Base-type. Coloured frames are added to the outer face of the adapter so that
    users can quickly identify MTP types. This colour scheme is also continued
    through the cable system portfolio so that users can visually check that the correct
    trunks or cords are connected together.

Polarity flippable adapters

  • The MTP adapter fitted to all IANOS modules can be removed and rotated so
    that the polarity can be adjusted in the field. This allows users to convert a type A
    adapter (key-up to key-down) to a type B adapter (key-up to key-up). A clear
    marking is provided on the top of the adapter to show the type being deployed.

Supported by high performance Optipack harnesses

  • The IANOS patching modules can either be fed from the rear with an
    Optipack trunk cable or alternatively harnesses can be connected to the front
    of the module. The Optipack cable harnesses from HUBER+SUHNER are
    extremely compact both in terms of cable diameter and furcation body.
    These two products compliment each other superbly and offer the customer
    a total solution that is compact and optimised for performance and handling.



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