• Huber+Suhner
  • monteret med LC duplex adaptorer
  • Single modul
  • Indbygget kabel guiding
  • Velegnet til patchkabler eller pre terminerede kabler
  • MM eller SM
  • Vælg

Normalt lagervare

  • Huber+Suhner
  • Monteret med MTP adaptorer
  • Single modul
  • Key up/ Key down
  • Indbygget kabel guiding
  • Kan monteres med patchkabler eller pre terminerede kabler
  • MM eller SM
  • Farve kodede Adaptorer
  • Vælg

Key features patching modules

Simpler upgrades with MTP patch and LC harness

  • As data centers migrate to higher data rates, the LC connector is being
    replaced by MTP. MTP is generally used for 40G and 100G switch ports that
    aggregate to 10G at the server. Because the majority of LC-MTP upgrades
    are at the switch end, it makes sense to deploy a MTP patch module in the
    switch rack and then run harnesses to the transceiver. MTP-LC harnesses can
    be used on day 1 and then MTP conversion harnesses or jumpers can be used
    for the upgrade.

Base-8 for easier upgrade

  • Deploying a Base-8 backbone today will make it easier to upgrade to the
    higher data rates tomorrow. 40G is already defined as an 8 fiber interface,
    but in the future 100G, 200G and beyond will also be developed with SR4 8
    fiber transceivers. For this reason, it would make sense to build your backbone
    with Base-8 from the start.

Quick feed-through functionality to pre-installed modules

  • The IANOS patching module incorporates a cable guiding system at the
    rear of the module which facilitates fast and simple installation of trunk cables.
    New trunks can be parked at the rear and then pulled forward from the front
    of the chassis so that improved access can be made to the patching field. Final
    connections of the trunk cables are made from the front of the IANOS chassis.



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