Huber+Suhner KYPROS pre-terminated kobber cable systems

The HUBER+SUHNER pre-terminated copper solutions provide an easily installed and cost effective alternative to individual field-terminated component-based cabling. Combining factory terminated modules with high-performance cable, pre-terminated trunk cables are designed to simplify the installation in data centers and other high-density environments.

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Key features

Reduced pathway size

  • The compact cable uses a single jacket to cover 24 pairs, reducing diameter by 20 %, resulting in a lower weight, lower fire load and reduced capacity requirement for containment systems.

Simple installation

  • The pre-terminated balanced copper system reduces the installation time by up to 75 % and is factory tested to the highest standard to ensure that once it arrives on site it will work first time, every time, guaranteed.

Rapid deployment

  • The system is supplied on a reel suitable for the length of assembly required. For open containment systems, the single jacket construction reduces installation time by up to 75 % compared to conventional field-terminated connectors and cable reels. Pre-terminated products also guarantee the performance of the system through factory-controlled manufacturing and testing procedures.


  • The system is manufactured in exact lengths according to customer demand, which means that over-length management of the horizontal cables becomes unnecessary – a major advantage due to the size and space that horizontal cables take up.